The blog is dead, they tell me.
I've never been one to follow trends much, and here I am, late in February 2014, opening a blog. A scientist's blog, a chemistry blog.
Why? I've been thinking about this for a while, but I cannot find a single good reason to write a blog. I find many small ones, however: to start some new discussions; to meet some new people; to try and play a (small) active part in the (r)evolution scientific publication & communication that is about to (needs to?) rock our world; to procrastinate, with style; to assuage my love of never-ending lists, of (literal) parentheticals, and semi-colons.
So, here you have it: my blog. I'm FX, which is short for François-Xavier (Coudert). After years of having an anonymous read-only Twitter account (to follow some friends), I've decided last December start using it under my real name. Results are, so far, inconclusive… but I'm having fun. Part of the incentive to start a blog is to write some longer material, when I am frustrated by Twitter's style.
To say what, exactly? That's easy, ’cause I love to talk! I'll talk about my field (theoretical methods in physical chemistry, molecular simulation, statistical thermodynamics… and a bit of materials science), although I also cover some of it for Computational Chemistry Highlights. I'll also talk about scientific publication and the evolutions that are necessary to it. In particular, I intend to write a post soon about the specific issues that Chemistry, as a field, faces in these recent evolutions.
So, assuming someöne reads this: whether you're a seasoned veteran of the chemical blogosphere, a passerby, or my wife, thanks for reading, and please use the comments to make remarks. For example, I started a blogroll with some links from my RSS feeds, but it welcome any suggestions for links to add!