I'm happy to announce there is an open postdoc position in my research group:

  • Rational Design of Framework Materials 
 with Tailored Mechanical and Thermal Properties: A Combined Physics/Chemistry Approach
  • Part of a collaboration between myself (François-Xavier Coudert; Chimie ParisTech) and Lydéric Bocquet (École normale supérieure).
  • Physical and molecular modeling at multiple scales: finite element calculations, molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry. We'll also 3D-print stuff and squeeze it, because it's fun.
  • Full announcement (project details, etc.) here
  • Starting… well, when we find the right candidate! We have the funding ready, but we're willing to match her (or his) schedule.

Oh, and did I say it was right in the center of Paris? And an amazing environment to work in, scientifically, too…